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What Our Patients Say

My first-born was delivered by emergency C-section prematurely at 25 weeks, at 390 grams (almost 14 ounces). This was a very rare case for any pregnancy, but the expertise and care of the neonatal doctors and the nurses at GMC NICU saved my baby. They cared for me, my husband, and my baby like we were family. We were there for 3 months, and during that time we got to know how caring and knowledgeable each and every one of the staff were, including the respiratory therapists. Fast forward to today. I recently had my second baby, prematurely at 31 weeks, 2 lbs, 14oz. We are back at GMC NICU. Being back was a little uneasy at first, because honestly, any parent would rather have their happy, healthy baby at home. Especially during this pandemic. After seeing all the familiar faces, it immediately put me at ease. I knew my baby was in good hands. I trust these nurses, and I know they're doing everything in their power to help me bring a happy and healthy baby home. We're so grateful for these nurses, and I don't know how I can ever repay them for saving both my children.

"Thank God All of you I'm alive! God Bless you all. I would like to thank every single one person that took care of me. Every time, every call, they really took care of me."

"My stay there and care was excellent. There's no need to improve on that. I would recommend family and friends to go to that hospital given the care and the staff that's there."

"Garfield Medical Center is an excellent place for care and health. My experience was good from the moment I got there to the moment I left."

"Thank God All of you I'm alive! God Bless you all. I would like to thank every single one person that take care of me. Every time, every call, they really take care of me God bless you all."

"[The Social Worker] listened to my full request for informed advance directive.....Her sincere protection of my wishes and my essential rights convinced me that your hospital has nothing to hide and is not afraid of being truthful. This confidence gave me peace of mind and made me glad to have chosen you."

"My nurse helped me to talk to my doctor and case manager to make sure I wouldn't miss any dose of antibiotic. I really appreciate what she did for me!"

"On behalf of my family I would like to express my appreciation to outstanding members of your staff in taking care of my father."

" mother was able to enjoy excellent, efficient, and quick care in her time of need at the Emergency Department."

"Our 95 year old mother's nurse was patient, diligent, and enthusiastic. We as a whole family appreciated her care."

"The R.N. in the Cath Lab explained everything to me. He took me to my tests, made me feel comfortable, and made me feel calm when I got panicked."

"I was in Garfield Medical Center for three days and I was very happy with your team of physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers ...They are all well trained, and my salute to them!"

"My mother's nurse was very patient when going through the medication list with me during the discharge process. She even took an extra step and wrote down the purpose of each medication and instruction in Chinese."

"The ER Admitting Representative was empathetic, thorough and efficient. She absolutely made us feel important as soon as we sat down with her."

" deserve FIVE STARS in every way."
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